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deviation in storage by AwsmYoshi
My favorite arts from other people, they are all so wonderful ^u^

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And if you're wondering of the prices, you can check it over HERE.

To apply commissions, please comment below and wait for approval. Of course, whoever comes first will receive a slot.
Any questions will also be entertained in the comments section too.


:bulletorange:When will commissions be opened?:bulletorange:
I am highly driven by my mood, so I will only open commissions when I feel like it. Sometimes, there are situations where it calls me to earn some money for my needs, and this will make me take the initiative to consider opening commissions, depending on time availability of course. =3

:bulletyellow:Do I allow requests?:bulletyellow:
I'm not looking forward to this kind of task because it's "time draining" for me. I tend to have more personal projects than anything else, so strangers . . . and even friends I don't consider accepting requests. However, I do give surprise gifts to people I admire, and of course I give them only during an unexpected time and place. I'm a type of person who just doesn't want to follow traditions. ^^'

:bulletgreen:Do I allow art trades?:bulletgreen:
This also depend on my mood as well, and because I am highly dependent on my mood, I tend to be really picky too . . . I'm sorry though, but it is understandable. However, take note that it doesn't have to equate the level of art as I have, since of course everyone has their own way of taking effort in their part. If you are curious of my current mood? I am actually in the liking of HQ vector arts. .w.


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8:05 am
Feb 14, 2016
1:47 am
Feb 13, 2016
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Feb 13, 2016
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Feb 13, 2016
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Roaring Skies and StarWave -Commission- by BuizelCream
Roaring Skies and StarWave -Commission-
Another very meticulous commission I've just finished recently. All those many days placed to work on just this one art is really tiring naturally; from working on those suits to the building backgrounds ^^; I had to make sure things are simply lively in this pic.

I'm glad I had fun at least, and the person commissioned for this enjoyed it too~ I even took some time to have more personal fun with the background by adding Man(e)hattan references from the pony universe to real life. x3

Anyways, the featured ponies in this shot are Roaring Skies, the stallion one, and StarWave the mare one. These OCs are owned by :iconaudisportdashie:


Artwork © BuizelCream/BCPony
Roaring Skies and StarWave © AudiSportDashie
My Little Pony © HASBRO
BCPony Gazes Around by BuizelCream
BCPony Gazes Around
Being fascinated just about many things I see is some sort of a needed habit for me. In each day, I simply need to be outdoors brisk walking, and sitting on a swing from an open field nearby; even if it is nighttime.

This makes me feel physically active, and I find it very relaxing and rejuvenating when at rest~ ^^ Gives me time to simplify my thinking and meditate on the more important things to see if the way I am living is aright. =)


Artwork and OC (BCPony) ©  BuizelCream/BCPony
My Little Pony:FiM © HASBRO
Sound Cloud -Commission- by BuizelCream
Sound Cloud -Commission-
Another cool-looking pony to enjoy drawing in my part~ I like Sound Cloud because he likes listening to music, and he has that headphones on. ^u^


Artwork © BuizelCream/BCPony
Sound Cloud © LSkellett
My Little Pony © HASBRO
Storm Racer and Shine Racer -Commission- by BuizelCream
Storm Racer and Shine Racer -Commission-
This is one of the most complex commissions I've done mostly because of the details of their outfits x33 But at the same time, this is surely a joy to do, I enjoyed doing the details~  =3

And the characters: the stallion is Shine Racer, and the mare is Storm Racer. They're actually siblings, and Shine is the older one. They're racers too, according to :iconaudisportdashie: ^u^


Artwork © BuizelCream/BCPony
Shine Racer and Storm Racer © AudiSportDashie
My Little Pony © HASBRO
Hello guys, I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I'm here just to make a very short, immediate update of what's been going on in my part lately.

Currently my home lost internet access for the meantime, and I can't stay active online quite fine because of this. This could heavily affect me uploading stuff around here and in my other accounts too, even if commissioned works are finished. I hope it wouldn't be much of a problem to you guys, as well as replying to notes and messages too. But of course I'll try and find ways for this. Hopefully the internet will return soon so I can get back on things.

However I'm still drawing, and commissions are still very open. If you would like to ask commission, simply note me so we can discuss it accordingly. =)

Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you guys soon~
BCPony thankful by BuizelCream
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: New Songs 143-145, JW Broadcasting Songs
  • Reading: NWT
  • Watching: MLP Season 5 Grand Finale
  • Playing: Pokemon SUPER Mystery Dungeon
  • Eating: bread with sandwich spread
  • Drinking: water


BuizelCream's Profile Picture
Ronan Roie
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

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:star:ABOUT ME:star:

"Be inspired, stay inspired!"
Hello there everyone, bonjour~ =3
My name is Roie, or you can call me by my username abbreviation, "BC". As an artist, I use graphite pencils for traditional sketches, and I use Photoshop as a mouse-user for digital drawings. I am a simple "nerd" and an artist living in the Philippines who is highly influenced by the outside countries instead of home. And usually what I do with my introverted life is ponder for ideas, and drawing them out.

:bulletyellow:My Lifestyle:bulletyellow:
I am a busy person in general; I like being productive on things that I want to do. On the other hand, I really don't like spending my days lying on bed, doing particularly nothing most of the time. I also don't like spending time on stuff that doesn't feel very useful or important to me. Time is priceless, and I really have to use it on its full advantage. I am particularly dependent on my mood too, and it heavily affects my working habits as well. That's why I usually fill myself with inspiration so it'll keep me going with whatever I want to do.

I am also a type of guy who likes keeping things organized, if not neat enough; however being a busy guy, my surroundings tend to become really messy, but in the end everything will be kept away in a proper manner. I want my stuff to be arranged the way I want it to be. I hate it when other people arranges my things because they will tend to become disorganized, and that makes me really disoriented in the process. This is one reason why I don't like touchy people who touches my things without permission. I also don't like people who intrudes my privacy as well because it makes me feel very disturbed and anxious, if not just simply disoriented.

:bulletgreen:My Interest in Art:bulletgreen:
I love to draw so much. It's been my favorite hobby since I was very little. Most of my life I just teach myself on learning new things, and developing my own skills according to what I can easily adapt with. I didn't go to an art school, though admittedly I joined an art club back at elementary, but I really didn't learn much of anything because I wasn't really interested in what they're doing in there. I find myself practically learning the best way through myself alone. Yes, I can be influenced by other artists on how amazing they are, but those artists don't have to teach me or tell me their secrets for me to learn something from them. Their work speaks for themselves, and I really listen to that. Their great works really inspire me too, and that is one thing that keeps me going on the road to improvement.

:bulletblue:My Personality:bulletblue:
I find myself a very introverted person in real-life. I usually keep a lot of my thoughts and feelings into myself; only speak out whenever I feel the need to, and it may not always be whenever I'm being asked. I do feel a lot of awkwardness when being around with people for too long that I'm not used to hang out with; however, my social skills are fine ...or at least so. I can comfortably talk to people who have the same interests as I do, or someone whom I'm used to. Although sometimes I might stutter a lot, or talk too fast, or even speak in a tone that people can hardly hear. I also tend to forget words as well; I'm very useless without dictionaries. ^^'

I am more in control in online-social life though, and I feel more confident of speaking about my ideas and opinions here. However, I still act the same way when saying them like in real-life; I'll only reply when there is the need to say further. In fact, I am usually very grateful for people who like my works, and I really find the need to say to them my thanks. =3
However because of this attitude of mine, it fails me to have the habit of approaching towards people, even my friends. Describing me as "shy" is seriously overdone and extremely shallow. Probably some of you might wonder why I almost never make the first step to go and talk to someone or anyone in a regular basis; it's because I couldn't find something important to talk about right afterwards. That thought usually makes me feel withdrawn somehow because I usually think people won't be interested at what I want to say, and I really don't feel right when I talk about myself too much. Although it always makes me feel very pleased when someone else approaches me instead because I usually have an interest towards others. I just hope others will do the same thing to me as well.

I may seem to be a really nice person, who can give compliments and help others when I have the time and the need to do it, but like every people, I have an edge. To be really honest, I actually have a very short patience with people. The only thing that makes this not my most visible personality trait is because of my phlegmatic side. I swear you can almost never guess when I will get mad at someone, but if ever I am not fond of a particular person, I would rather give him a piece of my mind. Still, I always remind myself that it's very important to stay polite and approachable towards others. I never want to cause a fight, so let's all just look past our differences and get along with one another, okay?

:bulletred:My Interests:bulletred:
Things that I'm interested at usually reflect on what I draw. I don't draw just to please people because art is supposed to be a way of expressing yourself. My works easily recognize me as a Brony nowadays, and yes I accept that myself and I'm really happy about it, but I don't want to tell that to people in front of their faces. For others who aren't Bronies, I would rather let you treat me as a normal person because I like a lot of other things too. I am a big fan of Pokemon, I play Pokemon games, though I no longer watch the anime. I am also a big fan of Sonic, probably bigger than Pokemon; I enjoy playing Sonic games, and reading the Archie Comics of Sonic the Hedgehog. As a child, I grew up with Mario, and I still enjoy playing Mario games until today. I am also a fan of the little pink ball because I enjoy playing Kirby games too. Although as a gamer, I only have experiences with the games of Gameboy Advance, DS, and the 3DS. I don't have Wii, or Gamecube, or Xbox sadly. Other than games, I also am a fan of the Winx Club as well, and most importantly, I am a HUGE fan of My Little Pony. =3


Roie The Buizel by Marlenesstamps Roie Menard~<3

(that have this kind of animation though, majority are stallions because I like stallions better than mares)
Clapping Pony Icon - Braeburn by TariToons Clapping Pony Icon - Soarin by TariToons Clapping Pony Icon - Flash Sentry by JamayThePony Clapping Pony Icon - Thunderlane by TariToons Clapping Pony Icon - Rarity by TariToons Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle by TariToons Clapping Pony Icon - Button Mash by TravisPony Clapping Pony Icon - Time Turner by TravisPony Clapping Derpy Hooves Icon by ShroomehTehPoneh Clapping Pony Icon - Bubble Berry by TravisPony Clapping Pony Icon - Dusk Shine by TravisPony Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Blitz by TravisPony Clapping Pony Icon - Shining Armor by TariToons

(that really gives a spot on when it comes to gaining inspiration from them)
:iconherms85: :iconsaturnspace: :iconblitzpony: :iconmirta-riga: :iconleft2fail: :iconkilala97: :iconshinodage: :iconjitterbugjive: :iconpepooni: :icondripponi: :iconlattynskit: :iconkeponii: :iconpyoo-kee-pony: :iconmymineawesome: :iconsophiecabra: :iconlatecustomer: :iconnavigatoralligator: :iconlittleivy25: :iconyassui: :iconsuper-tuler: :iconorangetavi:

Flash Sentry by Vocalmaker-traced by VocalMaker ^w^

For those who have seen the FRIENDSHIP GAMES, which of the moments from the movie are your most favorite ever~?! X3 

11 deviants said LA FINALE
7 deviants said The Competition (ACADECA Music Video)
4 deviants said After FINALE (enter late Pony Twilight)
3 deviants said The Competition (Archery, Skates, and Motorbike Racing)
3 deviants said All Sunset Shimmer scenes
3 deviants said All Sci-Twilight Sparkle scenes
2 deviants said Wondercolts being united Song
2 deviants said Sci-Twilight's solo Song
2 deviants said Sci-Twilight and Flash Sentry being together
1 deviant said Opening Titles


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you have amazing drawing skills, but why do you draw only ponies?
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Saw the drawing you gave to Crescent Moon! Loved it 😍
(And realised he is running and the throwing snowballs)
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Kumusta, I really love your works here^^

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